Democracy Convention

Democracy is coming... to the U.S.A.

<p>The U.S. Constitution provides the basic framework for how our government is structured, and defines the relationship between the federal government, the states, and all people within the United States. Any movement that wants to make systemic and fundamental change in this country --and that takes itself seriously-- must grapple with the fact that the United States is not currently a functioning democratic republic.</p>
<p>The <b>Constitutional Reform Conference </b>at the 2013 Democracy Convention will provide space for attendees to discuss, debate and strategize how to ensure that the growing U.S. democracy movement takes itself seriously enough to attempt to write our political and cultural victories into the governing law of this country.</p>
<p><strong>The Move to Amend coalition is the principle convener of the Constitutional Reform Conference. Contact Move to Amend at for more info.</strong></p>
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Full Conference Agenda Below:</h3>

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