Democracy Convention

Democracy is coming... to the U.S.A.

We are excited to provide the following list of confirmed speakers, session leaders, and artists at the 2017 Democracy Convention.

Karin Aguilar-San Juan

Professor, Macalester College

Nancy Antenucci

Move to Amend

Maria Arboleda

Univ. MN’s Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Health

Araquel Bloss

Progressive Independent Party

John Brakey

National Institute for Verified Elections

Marie Braun

Women Against Military Madness

Ellen Brown

Public Banking Institute

Kevin Chavis

Our Revolution Twin Cities

Damian Christianson

Count My Vote WI

Jeff Clark

Move to Amend

Steve Clemens

Alliant Action

Michel Coconis

Move to Amend

Charlie Cooper

Get Money Out - Maryland, Move to Amend, American

Timeka Drew

Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution

Nancy Dunlavy

The Workable World Trust

Enric Duran


Shana East

The People's Revolution

Raine Eisler

Center for Partnership Studies

Pat Elder

World Beyond War; National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy; National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth

Ruthi Engelke

Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed

Johannes Epke

American Promise

Amy C. Finnegan

Asst Prof, U of St. Thomas

Liane Gale

Basic Income Guarantee

Caren Galloway

Move to Amend, REFORM$

Ronald Glossop

Professor Emeritus of Southern Illinois University

Mary Sue Gmeiner

Move to Amend, (Dayton, OH affiliate), SURJ (Dayton, OH)

Michael Griffith

American Monetary Institute

Steve Grumbine

Real Progressives

Signe Harriday

Million Artists Movement

Alison Hartson

Wolf PAC

Barbara Helmick

DC Vote

Karen Hobert Flynn

Common Cause

Cheri Honkala

National Coordinator, Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

John Howell

Move to Amend, American Monetary Institute

Tony Jenkins

World Beyond War

Larry Johnson

Veterans for Peace, Mn Alliance of Peacemakers, Plymouth Church Global Connections Committee

Rob Kall

OpEd News "Bottom up"

Emily Kawano

Solidarity Economy Network

Heather Klindworth

FairVote MN

Sam Koplinka-Loehr

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

Jennifer Lai-Peterson

Advancement Project

Paul Lebow

American Monetary Institute

Hyun Lee

Zoom in Korea

Denise Lieberman

Power & Democracy, Advancement Project

Brandon Long

Green Party of Minnesota

Chelsea Lyons

Camp Wolves Den

Ann Manning

Women’s Congress for Future Generations

Chris Mato Nunpa

Retired Assoc. Prof., Southwest Minnesota State University

Rev. Elston McCown

St. Louis NAACP

Kim McKeage

Professor, Hamline University

Rosemary Nevils

African American Center of Minnesota

Michael O'Neil

Green News Network

William Ortiz

Hispanic Outreach

Nils Palsson

Transition US

Sue Peters

American Monetary Institute

Nicole Porter

The Sentencing Project

Paul Shannon

Northeast Region of the American Friends Service Committee

David Smith

Iraqi American Reconciliation Project

Zerlina Smith

Increase the Harvest

Natalie Tennant

Brennan Center for Justice

Ellen Thomas

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Jamie Walton

American Monetary Institute

Tane Ward


Rob Weissman

Public Citizen

Richard Winger

Ballot Access News

Ann Wright

peace activist, retired colonel

Mark Young

American Monetary Institute

Caitlin Zera

Education and Outreach Coordinator at Missouri Coalition for the Environment