Democracy Convention

Democracy is coming... to the U.S.A.


Veterans for Peace, Mn Alliance of Peacemakers, Plymouth Church Global Connections Committee


Building a Democracy Movement

Larry Johnson has worked with young people as a storyteller/educator/activist, since the 60s.  He is currently a main organizer for the MAP Peace Essay contest, as well as for WORLD STORYTELLING DAY, with its inherent theme of “If I can hear your story, it’s harder for me to hate you”.  He is a past President of Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 in Minnesota, and is still national chair for the OGP (Old Gardening Party), to keep the world safe for children, gardening, and storytelling.  His recent book, SIXTY-ONE, grew from taking the JFK 50 Mile Hike in 1961, and then a 61st birthday 61 Mile Hike calling for less war, therefore fewer veterans, and an end to veteran care arguments, especially for mental health and exposure to chemical toxins.