Democracy Convention

Democracy is coming... to the U.S.A.

In this plenary session, representatives from three monetary research and reform organizations will present their understanding of our current monetary system and how to correct its flaws so as to facilitate community and economic democracy.

The Only Comprehensive Framework for Progressive Monetary Reform
The goal of this session is to introduce participants to the different ideas and policy proposals that comprise Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), and to explain how the various components combine together to provide a comprehensive roadmap for progressive monetary reform. In particular, it will explore why it is necessary for progressives to adopt a multi-dimensional framework for monetary analysis, rather than a single-issue or single-solution approach, in order to take power and achieve meaningful change.

Democratizing the People’s Money Through Reform
The goal of this presentation by representatives of the American Monetary Institute (AMI) is to broaden attendees’ understanding of our modern political economy and its monetary system, based primarily on two sources: The historical research of Stephen Zarlenga, AMI founder and author of The Lost Science of Money, and the scientific teachings of Dr. Fredrick Soddy who states in the preface to his The Role of Money: “This book attempts to clear up the mystery of money in its social aspect… In this book the subject is not treated from the point of view of the bankers as those are called who create by far the greater proportion of money, but from that of the PUBLIC, who at present have to give up valuable goods and services to the bankers in return for the money that they have so cleverly created and create. This, surely, is what the public really wants to know about money.” Session takeaway: We need to democratize our money!

Session Date: 
Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 9:00am to 10:15am
University of Minnesota, 120 Blegen Hall
269 19th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55455
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