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Building a Democracy Movement

Answering a help wanted ad titled Activist in the early 70’s, Barbara has been doing grassroots organizing ever since. She was a pioneer in the development of the door to door model for progressive organizations, such as Clean Water Action, People’s Action, Working America, and the ERA Fund. Those efforts contributed to the establishment of the Super Fund, Obamacare; in raising the minimum wage in municipalities across the US, and in building support for state fights on choice. Barbara is active in local DC civic life, being elected to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission for two terms and on the Democratic State Committee. She is active in the LGBTQIA community, serving on the Mayor’s Advisory Commission 2012-2016. Since moving to DC in 1979, Barbara has spoken out on DC’s inequality and is excited to do so now as part of her job with DC Vote.  She believes that with a strong organizing strategy and energized people power, DC will become the 51st state.