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National Coordinator, Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

It is no overstatement that Cheri Honkala is the nation's leading advocate for poor people's rights. She is the National Coordinator for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. Honkala speaks worldwide about the struggle against poverty in the U.S., and the denial of basic economic human rights. She says, “And who better to change this than those that live within my country?"

--> National Coordinator, Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign--> Named "Woman of the Year" by the Philadelphia Weekly--> Featured in the award-winning documentary, "Poverty Outlaw"--> A leader of a march of over 10,000 people during the Republican National Convention, 2000--> Spoke to 148 governments at the United Nations about ending poverty in America--> A leader of the March of the Americas, the World Summit of the Poor, and a 125-mile march of homeless and poor from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to the United Nations to protest welfare reform and poverty as a violation of economic human rights.--> Single mom, formerly homeless, recipient of numerous awards for her leadership in the struggle to end poverty. Mother and son (the actor, Mark Webber,) lived on the streets homeless, using their experience to organize the poor. Playwright of "Taking it Back," a one-person play about her life pregnant and homeless.