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de la Terre

Director Sacred Water Sacred Land Institute


Building a Democracy Movement

Juliee de la Terre is the director of the Sacred Water Sacred Land Institute based in south western Wisconsin. She has been advocating for the health and wellness of people and planet for three decades by initiating green businesses, engaging in political movements, developing educational and PR programs centered on ecological health and social justice, writing curricula, coordinating eco-consciousness raising events including watershed-wide Earth Day events and a trans-state Enbridge oil pipeline awareness walk in 2016. 

Juliees' most recent focus is on “Rights of Nature” awareness and legal structures. She works with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, Earth Law Center, communities and tribes to educate and facilitate inclusion of RoN legal structures into bodies of law. Her most recent collaboration is to engage stakeholders in the Great Lakes region on a project that would lead to the acknowledgment of the rights of the Great Lakes ecosystem to exist, persist and flourish. She also unpacks how patriarchy has led to contemporary social and ecological management systems that are neither just or sustainable.

Juliee holds a Masters in Environment and Resources from the Gaylord Nelson Institute at the University of Wisconsin Madison. She owns and operates Ethos Restoration Landscapes and Terra Consultancy. She serves on the board of Save Our Unique Lands. She has been an instructor in grade school, middle school, high school and university. With two other colleagues she wrote the first ever health impact assessment for frac sand mining in WI which was used in litigation.  

She lives on a small farm where she grows her own food and teaches others to do so. She forages for wild foods, gives talks on climate change, planetary boundaries, ecology, human health and environment and the dangers of extractive industries.