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Zerlina Smith is a long-time South-Austin resident with deep ties to the local community. She has been fighting for justice as an activist her whole life, because she believes that the people should have the power to make decisions for their own communities. Her earliest inspiration was her grandmother, Cora Smith, who organized from CHA public housing to fight for community resources and housing rights. Activism and the fight for justice are her legacy, and she is ready to bring people together to fight for the West side of Chicago, IL. A single mother of a 8-year-old, Ms. Smith wears many hats in the community. She relates to the importance and struggle for strong, public schools  for quality education through parent organizing and has been active in the fight for quality education through parent organizing, now Newly Elected Chairman of the Illinois State Green Party,  former Chairman of Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy LSC , Parent leader of Action Now , Board member of Raise your Hand,  Board member and Treasurer of the West Garfield Community Stakeholders Federal Coalition ,Former Chairman of the Head Start Policy Committee for CPS and DCFS, former Secretary of Columbus Park advisory committee, Chair of the West side Democracy for America Accountability Chapter and Former Alderman Candidate for the 29th Ward 2015 race in Chicago IL. Zerlina Smith is the founder of InCrease the Harvest Inc 501c3.  That Is a Not-for-Profit and Civic organization, Community Outreach for State Representative La Shawn Ford 8th District part time job, Former IL State Coordinator for the Jill Stein presidential campaign , Her activism shines through her work as a leader in her community and throughout the City ,State and is helping to lead the fight for a living wage of $15/hr. Zerlina is a pro-community, pro-labor and equal rights for all . Ms.Smith recognizes that in order for us to overcome poverty we have to fight together.

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