Democracy Convention

Democracy is coming... to the U.S.A.

<p>The <strong>Democratizing Defense Conference</strong> will explore the many ways that democratic principles are abandoned in the name of &quot;national defense&quot; and will move forward efforts to establish a democratic alternative to endless war. On both small and large levels, the federal and state governments turn blind eyes to the Constitution, international law, labor rights of military employees, and the will of the people in issues regarding the military and war. And the increasing dependence on drones and a robotized military threatens to undermine what democratic control over our military that remains.</p>
How is it possible for the president to ignore the Constitution and enter military conflict without the approval of Congress?</li>
What role does the will of the people have in beginning or ending military conflict?</li>
Can military drones and robot armies play any positive role in a democratic society?</li>
Should soldiers be forced to work beyond the terms of their enlistment &ldquo;agreement?&rdquo;</li>
<p>This conference will look into these questions and many others with experts from both the legal and military communities.</p>
<p><strong>Veterans for Peace, CODE PINK, and War is a Crime are the primary conveners of the Democratizing Defense Conference.&nbsp; Contact Leah Bolger at for more info.</strong></p>
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Full Conference Agenda Below:</h3>

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