Democracy Convention

Democracy is coming... to the U.S.A.

<p>Americans have less and less control over their economic lives and almost no say on the direction of the economy. Their jobs are insecure, wages are stagnating, debts are growing, retirement is underfunded and a health care crisis could wipe them out. At the same, the wealthiest are getting wealthier, controlling a greater share of the wealth than any time in U.S. history. Their connections to political leadership ensure that economic elites face little risk in our crony capitalist economy.</p>
<p>While many Americans are in a race to the bottom, the tiny percentage at the top of the economy is racing to the stratosphere of unimaginable wealth.</p>
<p>Around the world in Spain, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia . . . the people are revolting against austerity and oligarchs controlling wealth. In fact, the wealth divide in the U.S., where the top 1% has wealth equal to the bottom 95%, is even greater than in these other nations.</p>
<p>What is the next evolution of the U.S. economy? How can it be reshaped so that people gain greater control of their lives and greater influence over the economy? Democratizing the economy would move the United States away from crony capitalism and create an economy where wealth is more equitably shared. People are already putting in place programs that democratize the economy, giving them greater influence and control over their economic lives.</p>
<p>The <b>Economic Democracy Conference</b> will bring together people who are working on the front lines to:</p>
Build sustainable local living economies</li>
Democratize the money supply</li>
Create publicly owned banks</li>
Create worker and consumer owned and operated businesses</li>
Develop participatory budgets</li>
Fight and prevent foreclosures</li>
Fight for health care reform and alternative health delivery systems</li>
<p><strong>It&#39;s Our Economy and the Public Banking Institute are the</strong><strong> principal conveners of the Economic Democracy Conference</strong><strong>.&nbsp; Contact Margaret Flowers at for more info.</strong></p>
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Full Conference Agenda Below:</h3>

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