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Massachusetts Global Action is a statewide grassroots network and membership organization, founded in August 2004 to help communities challenge the negative effects of corporate globalization in the Commonwealth. MGA was formed by the merger of the Campaign on Contingent Work (CCW) and the Massachusetts Anti-Corporate Clearinghouse (MACC). 

CCW was founded in 1998 and for over 6 years was on the forefront of educating and mobilizing in support of workers in temp, part-time and other contingent jobs. CCW spearheaded the organizing of the Boston Social Forum.

MACC was founded in November of 2002 and did groundbreaking work for 2 years on issues ranging from water privatization to the connections between US corporations and US Foreign Policy. MACC helped staff the Boston Social Forum.

The Boston Social Forum was a 20-month organizing effort culminating in the historic July 2004 gathering at UMass Boston of 5000 people who came together for three days of progressive networking and education in over 35 different subject areas.

Over 100 organizations took part in the planning of this event and as the first major social forum in North America it provided both a blueprint and a glimpse at the possibilities that social forums hold for developing a multi-facetted resistance to corporate globalization.

Massachusetts Global Action is an organization dedicated to challenging the negative effects of corporate globalization in Massachusetts. We work with individuals and organizations around the state to reverse the privatization of public resources, to expand the social safety net, to shift the tax burden away from individuals and back to businesses, to create good jobs for all with living wages and full benefits, to help develop economic alternatives to the existing model of "winner-take-all" capitalism, and to save the environment for future generations. We will do this as a membership organization and as the hub of a network of like-minded organizations. We will encourage progressive social, political, economic and cultural activism for a better state, nation and planet.

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