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About OpEdNews, is a non-partisan, non-profit, bottom-up, progressive / liberal news, opinion, op-ed media site, activism tool and blog community. 

 Do a search for LIBERAL NEWS or PROGRESSIVE OPINION on google and OEN usually comes up first or second. That rank is bottom-up, based on how the world links for the search terms. No other site is more linked to for that term. Search progressive news, progressive Op-ed, liberal opinion or op-ed and OEN shows up, usually in the top three or four or better. Has over 90,000 registered members, over 40 volunteer editors. See our masthead. We have more than 185,000 content items.  We reach between 200,000-800,000 unique visitors a month. 

Our mission: Provide a content management, social networking website that supports bottom-up, progressive visions, communications and tools for  activism and organizations,

Our Purpose:

OpEdNews provides a content management system, accessible by anyone, that supports groups-- organizations, non-profits, clubs, etc.,enabling them to share articles, posting to pages focusing on specific subjects, every state and county in the US and all other countries and provinces  (some pages added as needed or requested.)

The site enables users to post articles and links to articles so activists and advocates can share information.

The site supports hundreds of volunteer writers and thousands of bloggers who write articles and blog diaries covering news from a different perspective than that offered by the mainstream media.

The site WILL be providing the ability for groups to do polls of its members and of the general readership to use for planning and democratic processes.

The site offers some existing recruiting tools for groups and will be offering more tools.

The site will be providing tools for finding potential members and activists with shared advocacy interests, using  demographic and poll responses.

Our Goals

Enable groups and individuals to communicate progressive ideas, plans, events, projects, campaigns to be easily posted to the internet and into the news cycle,.

Enable non-technological users of organizations to communicate and post to the web.

Enable local groups and orgs to build local progressive media using local inside pages Every state and every county in every state is represented with an inside page on OpEdNEws. 

Enable special interest groups to develop progressive "beats" on issues, using inside subject pages. S

Provide easy use of rss feeds for groups, locales, and special subjects

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