Democracy Convention

Democracy is coming... to the U.S.A.

Images of Oppression Playshop

Play games from Augusto Boal's "Arsenal of the Theater of the Oppressed" designed to prepare both actors and non-actors to engage in political theater for social transformation. 

Theatre of the Oppressed is used around the world to:
-Examine structural oppression
-Collectively propose solutions
-Activate bottom-up change

Forum Theater has been used by organizers and educators worldwide for democratizing their own organizations, analyzing problems and preparing for action.

CONVENTION PLENARY: People's Movement Assembly (PMA)

A convergence of all the conferences of the Democracy Convention in a People's Movement Assembly! We're all coming together in a mass, participatory discussion about the current moment and the larger period in which we find ourselves, and most importantly, what actions we can and should take together in the coming months and years -- ultimately how to codify our movement demands as rights in the U.S. Constitution and beyond. Make plans to be part of this historic strategic deliberation! 

A People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) is a gathering of people to:

CONVENTION PLENARY: Democracy's Struggle with Rep. Pocan

Mark Pocan is the newly elected chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and represents Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional District. He is a lead sponsor of the We the People Amendment and Right to Vote Amendment, and was a strategist and leader in the Wisconsin Uprising when he was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. Hear his thinking on the current struggle for democracy in the United States. Introduced by Meleiza Figueroa of the Green News Network. 

CONVENTION PLENARY: Overcoming Oppression, Building Inclusion: Jen Epps-Addison, Keith Ellison, Jacqui Patterson, and Jill Stein

This is the central plenary of the 2017 Democracy Convention. We have charged four leading national voices for democracy to take on the challenge of "Overcoming Oppression: Building an Inclusive Democracy Movement." Hear from the Vice Chair of the Democratic Party, Rep. Keith Ellison, in whose district we are gathering, together with the 2012 and 2016 presidential nominee of the Green Party, Dr.

CONVENTION PLENARY: Opening Ceremonies and Keynotes

Come together for opening ceremonies with the Million Artist Movement, Chris Mato Nunpa, Emma's Revolution, a welcome from Cameron Gordon (Minneapolis City Council, a Green Party elected official in whose district we are meeting) and an inspiring keynote address by Gar Alperovitz, all moderated by Medea Benjamin.  Get grounded and energized for a wonderful gathering, and learn more about what to expect.

Education United for Democracy

Education United for Democracy is an alliance of students, faculty, staff at all level of education as well as community members and allies committed to the democratization of education in the United States. We work in solidarity with global networks combating the corporatization of our schools, colleges, and universities.

Plenary: The 28th Amendment: What Should it Say and How Will We Make It Happen?

This session will be a dialogue between leadership from many of the various amendment campaigns to discuss their perspectives about what the 28th Amendment needs to include, and how to get it done.
Rob Weissman (invited)
Marge Baker (invited)
Karen Hobert Flynn (invited)

Citizens for Global Solutions, Minnesota

OUR VISION: We envision a future in which countries work together to abolish war, protect universal human rights and freedoms, foster sustainable development, and solve related problems facing humanity that no country can solve alone. This vision requires the involvement of informed world citizens to create and maintain effective democratic global institutions that will supplant the law of force with the rule of law while respecting the diversity and autonomy of national and local communities. 

The Workable World Trust

Promoting a better world through transforming the United Nations and other institutions of global governance. The Workable World Trust Mission Statement: The Workable World Trust seeks to devise, promote and disseminate ideas conducive to the establishment of a “workable world,” a world in which: the rule of democratically established, binding law supplants the law of force; people, not states or monarchs, are recognized as the ultimate source of sovereignty; global problems lead to ecologically and economically sustainable global solutions; the good of